Phone entries for the NRCA Finals will be on October 21, 2019 from 3:00-8:00 pm MDT. Phone # 605-855-2277.  EMAIL ENTRIES: Oct. 18-21     Email entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  SUBJECT LINE: FINALS ENTRY.   Entries are open to all members, regardless of money won. The top 12 contestants that enter will be eligible to compete at the Finals. IF YOU ARE IN THE TOP 12 CURRENTLY, AND KNOW YOU WON’T BE COMPETING AT THE FINALS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME. There will be no draw outs after entries close except for doctor and vet releases. You will be charged entry fees and fined for no shows.

Entry fees are $200+$20 stock charge, plus any sponsorship money not received for your event.

Please be sure to check over the standings. If you feel there is an error, let the secretary know right away so she can double check it. Entry time is too late to call about incorrect standings.

****Check with your directors and help gather donations if needed. You will have to pay for the saddle and buckle yourselves if the sponsorships aren’t obtained.  




1947 is the year the Northwest Ranch Cowboy Association first started. The formation took place in Campbell County with Dick Mader of Gillette serving a vital role in making the organization work in his term as president, serving from 1951 through 1955. Today, the NRCA boasts membership nearing 500 from 5 states (Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, North & South Dakota).

As in the past, we continue our finals as a "Sudden Death" match-up with the top 12 qualifiers from the 11 events going head to head in 3 go-rounds to determine the champion. Each individual comes into the finals with points (12 points for the leading money winner down to 1 point for the least) and gathers more points by placing in the go-rounds and in the average. The person with the most points at the end of the finals is deemed the finals Champion of that event and wins the trophy saddle for the year. The sudden death concept opens the door for a dark horse to overcome the leaders and take away the saddle title. The top money winner for the year is named the Year-end Champion and receives the championship belt buckle.